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Welcome to Akenland! We're a small, RPG-inspired, community-focused Minecraft survival server.

The story...

For many years, the tribes of Akenland lived independently and peacefully. That was, until conflicts both within and between tribes, lead to the greatest war to ever touch their land.

Now, in the aftermath of the Great War, Akenland's fate is unknown. The fighting may have stopped, but the world may never be the same. The tribe system is no more. Clans, kingdoms, and thaindoms - the realms - are the new rulers of the land.

Each realm seems to have a different goal. Team up with other players and join a realm, or, if you dare, head out on your own, and start your own town.

The Aunix Sanctuary, Akenland

The Farthings

Our customized 20,000 x 10,000 world is divided into four farthings. Each has its own biomes, culture, towns, and realms.

For the brave, two of the four farthings are PvP Zones, while the other two are Peaceful Zones, for those who prefer a more relaxed environment.


While Waramon was heavily impacted by the Great War, its central location has made it the home of many explorers and refugees.

Much of Akenland's population lives in the City of Dunburk, at the south coast of Waramon.

A recent attempt to unify Waramon is quickly gaining traction. The Clan has brought Dunburk, and the towns of Warburg and Gryston, together as one realm.

Waramon is the west half of the continent of Akenland. It is a Peaceful Zone.


As Eborin was not as heavily impacted by the war, it has established itself as a safe haven for the wealthy, the artists, and the eccentric.

The beautiful city of NAMEGOESHERE is the capital of Eborin. Its colleges are reknowned for teaching Ethrynism and magic.

A realm with history and class, the Thaindom has held this farthing for centuries, using their immense wealth to bring great change throughout the world.

Eborin is the east half of the continent of Akenland. It is a Peaceful Zone.


Sholkingham includes the three northern continents: Estril, Bornstead, Abbistone. It is a PvP Zone.


Rùnnach includes the three southern continents: Skarn, Abithyre, Temic. It is a PvP Zone.

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We've created a huge world, full of in-depth lore, for our players to roleplay in. There are many towns and cities across four regions, or farthings, each with their own characters and culture.

You can team up with other players and join a realm, or head out on your own, even start your own town!

Our world is an infinite, customized Minecraft world. You can head out into the untamed wilds for a classic survival experience, build in our cities, or explore the custom biomes that break up the world.